BioSoil Farm, Inc. manufactures Naked Nutes – the first and only recycled plant nutrient system in the marketplace to offer a truly green, all-natural, organic approach to growing cannabis.  Nutracycling is the science of recovering or recycling plant nutrients.
organic, all-natural cannabis nutrient system BioSoil Farm has not only invented the first “recycled” plant nutrient system, but we have invented the technology that makes it all work.

The NAKED NUTES system uses three proprietary products to effectively grow cannabis indoors or outdoors leading to an increase in cannabis yield of up to 30%, an increase in the cannabis flavor profile, and increase in terpene production.

ENCAPSULATED WORM CASTINGS – These very special worm castings use the microbes in the worm castings to digest and “fix” micro and macro plant nutrients so that all the nutrients are delivered in the 14-16 week grow cycle making sure the plant has all the nutrients and micro-nutrients it needs for ultimate growth and flavor profiles.

NAKED NUTES ROOT & VEG FORMULA – The NAKED NUTES Root & Veg formula is specifically engineered to power the cannabis plant to develop an incredible root base, a HUGE plant, lots of flower sites and a big, thick stalk.  This formula is manufactured using our proprietary process to extract plant nutrients from waste food items like lettuce, greens and other waste “food” that we collect from the Regional Food Bank.

NAKED NUTES FLOWER FORMULA – The NAKED NUTES FLOWER FORMULA also uses extracts from waste food to power the cannabis plant to maximize flower/bud growth and development.  Our flower formula has proven to develop bigger buds than either other organic systems or synthetic alternatives.

What started as our desire to create an all-natural cannabis nutrient system has morphed into a recycled nutrient system.  We bring in many ingredients like finished compost made from town leaf collection sites, waste food products from regional food banks, and a variety of other waste stream material (no manure products) and turn them into new nutrient systems for the legal cannabis industry.

While we are thrilled that our nutrients are all made by recycling plant nutrients (NUTRACYCLING) and that we have the lowest carbon footprint of any fertilizer manufacturer and that we use a disabled work force throughout our collection, processing and manufacturing process, what is absolutely most amazing is that our products outperform all other nutrient systems on the market with an increased yield of up to 30%! (The measured increase in yield depends on factors such as strain, environment and grower experience)